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The great Sahara desert is the largest sand desert in the world, spread out over 9 million square kilometers across North Africa. It has a magnificent variety of microclimates, groups of plant and animal species. From the Red Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Sahara desert is punctuated by deeply cut mountain ranges and small green escapes from vast stone plateaus to areas of rolling sand hills.

The Morocco Sahara desert has two main ergs (seas of dunes formed by wind-blown sand), namely Erg Chigaga and Erg Chebbi. Both sides are amazing and travel-friendly, thus perfect for enjoying impressive Sahara tours. However, Erg Chebbi is more attractive for its grander dunes which reach over 520 feet; travelers get all types of facilities when visiting these areas. Erg Chebbi is 9,20,000 square kilometers of a majestic desert with orange and yellow sands. Given below are some of the popular tours which you may enjoy there.


There are many Marrakech Sahara tours you can choose depending on the time you have and the kind of experience you want to get. Some of the best Morocco Sahara Desert tours that you can try out are listed below.

  • Marrakech Sahara tour
  • Morocco Sahara camel tours
  • Morocco Sahara holiday tours
  • Morocco Sahara tours from Marrakech
  • Morocco Sahara desert tours from Fes

The Sahara Desert, Morocco holds a spiritual place in the world. You can discover the beautiful Sahara desert in an exciting week or two. Sahara camel tours can provide a boundless experience in the tranquility of the desert. You can’t miss to meet the local desert people and spend a night in a tent in the middle of the desert. Morocco’s eye-catching and natural landscapes always attract travelers from all over the world. To get a stunning feeling, watch the appealing sunrise over the sunset on the top of the highest golden brown soft sand dunes. Morocco Sahara tour’s main attraction is Marrakech and Fes city which are the heart of the desert. Travelers get to experience the desert nomads’ lifestyle, drinking a cup of mint tea and sharing meals with the Berbers. You can get a superb idea about the activities to enjoy the tour depending on the climate.

Highlights of Sahara desert

  • Suitable for first-time visitors, couples, and families
  • Experience the joys of camel riding across the Sahara Desert
  • Watch desert wildlife and pink Flamingoes in an oasis lake
  • Do many exciting desert activities, such as Sandboarding
  • During winter, watch the snow covering the Atlas Mountains
  • Enjoy a local Moroccan meal – flatbread and very sweet mint tea
  • Enjoy a memorable night camping under the glittery African sky

Sahara tours from Marrakech are very popular to tourists for discovering cultural sights, historical areas, eye-catching gardens, stunning architecture, and tasting the delicious Moroccan food. You can make a luxury desert tour from Fes which is a beautiful and appealing town that attract the travelers quickly. The best Morocco Sahara desert tour is most enjoyable between the months of October and April when the daytime temperature is suitable. If you would like to visit during December and January, night-time temperatures can be cold. You need to take enough protection with suitable clothing. Also, can make a trip to visit during the quietest months of November, January, and February. Morocco’s natural beauty and colorful culture are waiting to present themselves to you!


You will have numerous opportunities to hire sand or snowboards to sand ski around the populated dunes but you will need to walk back up the dune each time as there are no ski lifts to take you back to the peak of the dune.
Meet the locals
Although you may think you are alone, the Berber people, camel tour operators, and many more will surely find you and this is a perfect chance to just chat and learn about the life of the people living on the desert.

After your campfire and evening meal, you can leave some leftovers close to the camp while you wait for local wildlife to come for the snack. You will get to see desert mice, desert fox, and if you are lucky to get to spot one of the last Dorcas gazelles in Morocco with this trick.


One of the best things to do while on Morocco Sahara holiday tours is to see a million stars that are above you in the night and you don’t have to worry about light pollution as you will be mesmerized with the night sky in the desert.
One of the top things to do while on desert tour is to wait before dawn and just go wait for the stunning and dramatic changing colors of the sand. You will be amazed by the peace and tranquillity of the desert coupled with the changing of the sand color will surely leave a long lasting memory. This experience will make you come for more afterward.

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