Luxury Morocco Desert Tours

Luxury Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Luxury desert tours Overview

The Luxury desert tours from Marrakech to Chebbi is a great chance to escape the noise and stress of the city. Even more, enjoy a relaxing quiet in the beautiful dunes of Erg Chigaga in the heart of the sahara desert of Morocco.

Certainly, a stunning trip to Morocco won’t be complete without discovering the rolling sands of the Sahara for every traveler. Morocco is an amazing place for a number of Esert towns and evocative camp. You can visit with an overnight stay at Erg Chebbi and embark upon a camel ride across the sand dunes. The beautiful country of Morocco is always surprising for so many spectacular luxury desert tours. Merzouga luxury desert camps can be a special home for the tourists on the golden brown sands. You enjoy the luxurious atmosphere, sitting on a camel which is amazing to do in one of the most charming Sahara deserts of the world. Below are given a few luxurious desert tours in Morocco, from which you may select your favorite.


  • Desert camp Marrakech
  • Merzouga luxury desert camps
  • Luxury desert camps morocco
  • Luxury desert camps in Zagora
  • Merzouga luxury desert camp erg Chebbi Morocco

Luxury desert camps in Morocco offer a comfortable desert tour experience with larger tents, double sized luxury beds, carpets, lamps, flushing toilets, and running water. You can receive more facilities from this camp’s tour. The luxury camps tend to be close to the desert towns with all types of facilities such as a utility supply. You can easily embark upon a luxury camel track into the desert and again back to the camp during the return trip. Merzouga Luxury desert camps are situated one and a half hours away from Erfoud. You can earn a spectacular experience with a camel ride at sunrise and sunset from the higher of the dunes. Then, enjoy a special night under the sky with sparkling stars, and lastly an authentic Moroccan dinner.

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Highlights of some common tour activities:

  • Enjoy luxury desert camp nights at Morocco
  • Travelers can visit village gardens in Merzouga during the trip
  • Perfect for everyone – friends, family, and solo travelers
  • Earn a stunning experience to see from the higher of the hills
  • Berber music around the fire with a romantic environment
  • First-time visitors, couples, and families can enjoy all the tours

Marrakech to Erg Chebbi dunes can take you to Merzouga Sahara desert, which is the second biggest dunes in Morocco. Travelers enjoy so many activities in this tour: such as an overnight desert camp, camel trekking, sandboarding, and listening to Berber music around the fire. The climate-friendly time to visit Morocco is between the month of October to April. However, you can go at any other time as well. In the winter season, you have to bring warm clothes because of the cold temperature.

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If you want to experience the Sahara Desert. Then, it is recommended that you spend a night in the desert camp, which is inspired by the Berber traditions. Desert camp Marrakech in the desert are located further out in the desert with villages out of sight and you will need an hour’s camel trek to get there. The camps feature colorful tents which are pitched in a rectangular arrangement which face a central communal area of seats, rugs, and low tables where the guest can dine for breakfast and in the evening.
With luxury camps, you will get a comfortable desert experience with larger tents that have fixed beds, running water, lamps, flushing toilets, and carpets. Although the luxury camps have to be closer to desert towns because of the standard of the facilities requires electricity and water supplies. You can easily trek to such camps from Merzouga and M’hamid village but you can still choose to go for a camel trek further out in the desert while going back to the camp.

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Morocco Luxury Desert Camps

Luxury or deluxe desert camps can be described as 5-star living in the middle of the desert. Think luxury at the highest level – a 5-star hotel room within a very spacious tent with private en-suite bathroom, wall-to-wall rugs, a comfortable bed, armchairs, and quality linen. Electricity is provided in the tent via solar power. The tents surround a cozy, relaxation area where you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner of Moroccan specialities under a blanket of stars, and as entertainment, the beating of drums and singing to the tune of traditional Berber music.

In the next morning, we serve breakfast before you return to the hotel on your camels. Then, we continue our journey to the next destination.

Every new experience and memory will feel remarkable to you when selecting our luxury desert tour in Morocco. Remember to keep a proper head scarf to protect your hair from the sun and sand. Also, make sure about the other important things – meals, water, tents, etc. The tour duration depends on your tour plan. However, you can choose 3 to 6 days duration to get a real taste of the numerous activities in Morocco. You can visit this tour as a solo traveler. Also, with a group of friends, your family or on your honeymoon tour as well with your significant other. The luxury desert tours in Morocco are a memorable adventure for everyone. Enjoy your next holiday in Morocco!

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