Morocco Camel Trekking

Morocco Camel Trekking

Morocco Camel trekking overview

Morocco Camel Trekking is a great way to discover an authentic Morocco, with its nomadic Berber tribes still living under tents made by camel whole within the anti atlas mountains, and the Sahara desert. Therefore, Our company offers camel treks with all the magic of the Sahara. So, you can ride or walk on the sandy trails to the impressive oasis, climbing to the big dune for a spectacular view of the sand dunes around, stop for a picnic lunch by the well under the shady palm trees. In the afternoon, you continue your caravan journey meandering sand dunes back to your campsite.

If you are looking for a relaxing break from the daily busy life. Then, think to explore a variety of Morocco Camel Trekking tours, which offer a memorable experience for every traveler. Even more, you can make a tailored tour, day trip, or night tour as well. It depends on your interest, requirements, and budget. All camel trekking tours are suitable to enjoy with friends, family or solo. Given below are some Morocco Camel Tour categories which you may select.

Morocco Camel Treking: The camels relaxing while we ate breakfast


Camel Trek in Morocco

During your Morocco Camel Trekking, you’ll be part of a typical desert caravan, and sleep in traditional Berber Tents. Marvel at golden sand dunes and listen to the sound of silence

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  • Morocco camel trekking in Merzouga
  • Night in the desert with camel trekking.
morocco camel trekking

Merzouga camel trekking

Camel trekking in Merzouga is a spectacular moment for every traveler. Take a walk between palm grove gardens and crops, enjoy lake views with flamingos (spring season), listen to Gnawa musicians with refreshing mint tea, and more other activities. If you want to take the most stunning sunrise picture, then get up early in the morning for an enchanting experience.

Certainly, You can enjoy Morocco camel trekking and night tour in the desert which amazingly introduces and highlights the beauty of Morocco. This night tour provides a magical night in nomadic tents to do camel riding in the deep desert. Also, you can make every moment wonderful and enjoy the superb cuisine, sleep in the desert underneath the limitless sky, and watch the beauty of twinkling stars.

Luxury Camel Trek tour offers the highest level of facilities and comforts. Staying a night at a luxury camp or a luxury tent with king-sized beds, beautiful soft pillows, very tasty Moroccan cuisine, and Moroccan wines – everything looks like your dreams. You can enjoy this luxury tent experience in Morocco which is truly awesome to make a memorable tour. 

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What To Expect On Morocco camel trekking

Our Camel trekking let your mind wander to the horizon as you embrace the true essence of Morocco desert travel and exploration. Camel trek is a fun way to experience Morocco desert on a personal level.

Our tour company provides the following camel trek, rides and desert safaris that you simply cannot match anywhere:

  • Camel tours to enjoy an amazing relaxing moment to sit down on sand
  • Morning and sunset camel ride
  • Custom camel expedition from Merzouga to M’hamid
  • Camel trek from Mhamid to Erg Cheggaga
  • Trek from Merzouga to Erg Chebbi
  • Safaris in M’hamid and Merzouga
  • Oasis Camel Trekking

You can plan to spend a few days discovering Morocco and earn a lifetime experience of the Moroccan desert. To start a timely trip it is wise to do a booking in advance with a professional tour agent. Don’t miss to enjoy the silence of desert area and sparkle sky view at night. Finally, your trip will be complete after enjoying some African music in this lovely environment!

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Highlights of our Morocco camel trekking

Our Blue Men camel team will enable you to explore and experience the Outback in a way that you may never have thought possible – reconnecting you to the landscape as you walk through the high sand dunes of Morocco Sahara- the doorway to the the largest desert in the world.

Our guides have grown in the Sahara desert and are from Nomad families. They are compassionate and will give you a magical experience of discovering the Morocco desert and to provide you with a rewarding and rich adventure.

Entirely self contained, our camels carry everything including water, food, sleeping equipment and most importantly, you. We travel into highly valued pristine desert landscapes where remoteness and unspoilt wilderness will surround you.

This iconic experience will leave you feeling relaxed, captivated and our nomad Blue Men of the desert will ensure you leave with the most remarkable lifelong memories.

Join us for desert camel riding adventure, expedition and fun, or contact us for more information about Camel trek in Merzouga or M’hamid

An Incredible Experience in the desert