Morocco camel trekking

Morocco camel trekking

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Why camel trek in Morocco?

Morocco – an ageless and peaceful country, covered with pretty beach villages, colorfully decorated towns, and many historical monuments. This is truly a historic country which combines spectacular art, food, music, architecture, and the unforgettable hospitality of the people. If you are thinking to discover the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the world then definitely visit Morocco and its splendid tours. Also, this country is waiting for you with a variety of tour activities, most delicious foods, artisan work, and amazing shopping items.

If you are looking for a relaxing break from the daily busy life, then think to explore a variety of Morocco Camel Trekking tours which offer a memorable experience for every traveler. You can make a tailored tour, day trip, or night tour as well. It depends on your interest, requirements, and budget. All camel trekking tours are suitable to enjoy with friends, family or solo. Given below are some Morocco Camel Tour categories which you may select.


Types of camel treks

  • – Camel safari morocco
  • – Luxury camel trek morocco
  • – Camel trekking excursions
  • – Morocco camel trekking tours
  • – Morocco camel trekking in Merzouga
  • – Morocco camel trekking and night in the desert






Merzouga camel trekking

Morocco Camel trekking in Merzouga is a spectacular moment for every traveler. Take a walk between palm grove gardens and crops, enjoy lake views with flamingos (spring season), listen to Gnawa musicians with refreshing mint tea, and more other activities. If you want to take the most stunning sunrise picture, then get up early in the morning for an enchanting experience.

You can enjoy Morocco camel trekking and night tour in the dessert which amazingly introduces and highlights the beauty of Morocco. This night tour provides a magical night in nomadic tents to do camel riding in the deep desert. You can make every moment wonderful and enjoy the superb cuisine, sleep in the desert underneath the limitless sky, and watch the beauty of twinkling stars.

Luxury Camel Trek tour offers the highest level of facilities and comforts. Staying a night at a luxury camp or a luxury tent with king-sized beds, beautiful soft pillows, very tasty Moroccan cuisine, and Moroccan wines – everything looks like your dreams. You can enjoy this luxury tent experience in Morocco which is truly awesome to make a memorable tour. As an idea, take a quick look below on some activities.

Highlights of Morocco camel trekking

  • – Enjoy an amazing relaxing moment to sit down on sand
  • – Get a refreshing taste of perfectly made mint tea
  • – Enjoy the spectacular environment of magical deserts
  • – Visit waterfalls, rugged mountains, rivers, lakes, and landscapes
  • – Capture the moments of sunrise and sunset in your camera.

You can plan to spend a few days discovering Morocco and earn a lifetime experience of the Moroccan desert. To start a timely trip it is wise to do a booking in advance with a professional tour agent. Don’t miss to enjoy the silence of desert area and sparkle sky view at night. Finally, your trip will be complete after enjoying some African music in this lovely environment!






Places where you can camel trek in Morocco
• Mharech Valley
• Tinfou Dunes – Zagora
• Nkob
• AitBenhaddou
• Mhamid
• Ourika Valley
• Tinghir
• Essaouira beach
• Agadir beach
• Marrakech palm grove

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