Marrakech to Merzouga Tour

Best Places to visit in Marrakech to Merzouga 3 day desert safari


Are you tired of traveling to high altitude mountains? Or are you looking to ride camels in a hot scorching desert’s? Or are you just a fan of sandy dunes ? Look at the stars and grill some BBQ in a desert ? Or just want to see star constellations in the night? Well then, I got the right plan for you which is Marrakech to Merzouga 3 day desert safari.

Merzouga is a small town in Morocco. It’s situated in the Sahara Desert. It’s also known as Erg Chebbi, Erg Chebbi are large dunes. Thus, there are a wide number of attractions in Merzouga.


Marrakech to Merzouga 3 day desert safari


5. Rissani Market


How could there be a tour without visiting the local market? The market is full of aesthetics, full of cultural heritage. You should visit the Rissani Market. Rissani is a small town 42 km away from Merzouga. You will find several shopping items that you can take home as souvenirs. Besides that, you can also find some local food here, you should try the Moroccan Lamb Tagine and the Berber wood fire pizza


4. Jurrasic Trek


The region of Erg Cherbbi is home to many old fossils. You can find here things such as fossils, gems, and other precious stones. You can also visit the galena mines from here. In the mines, the locals allow you to search for trilobite fossils.


3.Village Khamlia (Village of the Blacks)


This village is home to the sub-Saharan black people, who were once slaves. Therefore, they are expert musicians; They will play several tunes, but the one that will send a chill down your throats will be the Subharan Trance Music, with drums guembris and krakebs.


2. Sunrise and Sunset Camel Ride in Erg Cherbii


You can take camels from Merzouga and have a ride to Erg Cherbii. You can see the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the Sahara Desert. There are also facilities such as Quad Biking. You can rent a Quad bike


Reasons to book Marrakech to Merzouga private tour this Season


Merzouga is a beautiful small town in Morocco; it’s situated in the Sahara Desert. The best times to visit Merzouga are the spring seasons and the fall seasons. Particularly the fall seasons between September and November. As the heat of the desert increases in the summer, it decreases in Fall. So, why you should visit in the fall and not in spring? Well, there are several reasons to book Marrakech to Merzouga private tour. I will be discussing them in this article.


Marrakech to Merzouga private tour


Visiting Merzouga in Fall:


Most People don’t travel to Merzouga in Fall. So, most camps are cheap, and you can expect a low budget this season.

This season you can expect:

  • Cheap Flights
  • Better Packages
  • Cheap Hotel Rates
  • Cheap Camp Rates
  • Moderate Tourists




The temperatures recorded in Merzouga are between 31C to 21C in the fall season. That would mean the day wouldn’t be too hot, and the nights would be chilly. The winds are recorded mostly between 13 km/h to 18 km/h and the humidity is between 13% to 20%. Regardless, of this please always be prepared in case of heat strokes.


In the Night:


You may also find out that in this season, you can travel on the camels at night. You can even climb large dunes that are mostly restricted to travel in the hot seasons, such as spring or summer. If you’re with your significant other, and the night is chilly, a good BBQ will make the trip worthwhile. I would also recommend getting some Moroccan Pizza and kebabs they make the most of the night.

It is also scientifically proven that in Fall, you may see more stars in the sky. Since the nights are longer, don’t forget to bring a small telescope with you. That way you can see constellations in the sky, such as Gemini, Leo, and Aries.


In the Day:


In the day, climbing dunes and sand boarding is also another fun activity. Its very fun to slide down dunes and the dunes are soft and cool in this season, so don’t worry if you fall.

Since the temperatures would be low in the evening, sand boarding is another excellent activity. It has also snowed in the Sahara Desert, so if you’re lucky, you may even find snow.

The sand is cool, in this season, so you may also sunbathe. You can find any dune, near your camp and start sunbathing in the Sahara Desert. But be cautious as you may get a heatstroke, always sunbathe in the evening.

Also, if you’re willing to travel the Dayet Sirji Lake that is near Merzouga, you may find most of the birds migrating away from the Lake, and that is a breathtaking sight. You may find most of the birds such as flamingoes and the Egyptian nightjar. You may also find animals such as the desert fox, and the occasional lizards wandering about.


Things to consider while traveling for Marrakech to Merzouga desert tours


There are several things you should consider before traveling from Marrakech to Merzouga desert tours. To make the best of your trip, I would recommend, following all the instructions in this article.


Marrakech to Merzouga desert tours


· Time to Travel:


I would recommend, booking in the Moonlight season or spring. The Moonlight season, for looking at stars in the night. The spring season is best to look at all the birds and other animals in the Dayet Srij Lake.


· Bags:


Bags should have necessary items such as food, water, and snacks. Items such as tissues, ketchup, and plates are also necessary. Other Utilities such as plastic forks, spoons and knives are also handy to keep. You may encounter several restaurants near the camps, but I will still recommend having a bag full of basic utilities. In the case of not staying at night, it’s best to keep your bags as light as possible.


· Clothes:


It’s best to wear outfits that don’t keep sand in them. Light clothes are best to wear, as you might sweat a lot. If you’re wearing shoes, then it’s best to look for shoes with a minimum gap between sole and the shoe, as sand may get inside your shoes.


· Body-care:


I would also recommend applying sunscreen, and to wear sunglasses. Also, keep any medicines if you have any sorts of allergies.

After all that is done, you should decide which package you want to book, or what camp you want to stay in. I would recommend booking in Marrakech. Marrakech is another city in Morocco.

Booking from Marrakech is less expensive.


· Personal Trip :


In this trip, you will have your driver with a combination of 4×4 ride in a car and a camel ride to the large dunes. You can also stop the driver at any point you want, to take a break or to take selfies. You will, however, be escorted to the camp at night, but in this case, you can change your hotel anytime you want, you can customize your trip however you want. Also, you will miss out on the fatigues of changing minibus on a group trip.

You can also get your very own camel and travel whenever you want.


· Group Trip


In this trip, you will travel with other tourists. This kind of trip is less expensive; you can’t stop the driver whenever you want. Also, you cannot change your hotel in the middle of a ride. To get to Merzouga you will change several minibuses before entering the camp/hotel that you have booked. You also must wait for your camel and can only leave when everyone leaves. You also must share rooms with other tourists.


· Group Trip -Individual Rooms


Same as Group trip, but just in this case, you can have your very own room. I would recommend this one if you cannot afford the personal trip option.

If available, in any group trip, I would recommend renting your driver, as you may avoid the hassle of several minibus. I wish you the best of trips from Marrakech to Merzouga desert tours.


Tips to select the best Merzouga desert tour


There are many deserts in this world. But you should always select the best Merzouga desert tour. It depends on the person, if your fan of the Sahara Desert, I would advise you going to Merzouga. Merzouga is a small town in the Sahara Desert and Merzouga itself is in Morocco. If you like Marrakesh and would also like to travel to the local deserts, then I would recommend going to local camps in Merzouga. It all depends on the taste of the person. In this article, I would be naming three desert tours that you can travel to.


Best Merzouga desert tour


Merzouga is a small town in the Sahara Desert and Merzouga itself is in Morocco. To travel to Merzouga, you need to travel from Fes or Marrakech. Merzouga has several attractions such as the Salt Lake, which is home to many bird species such as the flamingoes. You may also find tons of animals there, such as desert foxes and lizards. Merzouga also has camps, in which you can stay for the night. Most people enjoy having BBQ in the night and listen to some local Moroccan Music. You may also travel camels in the night and travel on camels to see the sunset and the sunrise. Besides that, you can also pitch your tent. You can also do sandboarding and go on ATV quad bikes.


How to travel cheap in Merzouga and have best tour from Marrakech to Merzouga


Most tourist attractions are expensive to travel. Merzouga is a place that has a variety of options and people like to book best tour from Marrakech to Merzouga. Many customizable options may help you travel cheaply in Merzouga.


Best tour from Marrakech to Merzouga


Booking in Marrakech:


Before traveling to the desert, you will visit the city of Marrakech. It’s best to book in Marrakech. Marrakech offers tons of packages before you visit the desert. Thus, there are many cheap options available. You should book the Group trip option. There is also the option to pitch your tent.


· Pitch your tent:


For this, you should book a personal driver. He will escort you to the desert and take you to all the nearby attractions. But remember this option you won’t have room to stay in. Bring tons of bags with utilities. Besides that, a good solid tent and a thick floor for you to sleep in. Burn your campfire and stay for the night and have some BBQ. The next day, travel to the Dayet Srij Lake and look at all the beautiful birds and go back home. If you want to stay more nights in the desert, it’s up to you. It’s on your liability. But if you run out of supplies, you got to head back. This is the least expensive option in my opinion.


· Group Trip:


On a group trip, you travel with other tourists. It’s best to book this option as this is the cheapest option available. In a group trip you are offered:

  1. Breakfast-Lunch
  2. Camel Riding
  3. Free Activities
  4. Sand boarding
  5. ATV Quad Biking
  6. Restaurants

The camps are very well made, they have tons of facilities. Therefore, there are rooms where you can stay in the night. Besides that, there are washrooms available. There is also a music-dance show in the middle of the night. You also get to travel on camels and 4×4 cars. Thus, it’s a combination of both. You get to travel to Sriji Lake with a group and look at all the beautiful birds around that area. On group trips, they also take you to other attractions near Merzouga as well.

These are all the facilities you will get by booking a shared Group trip.


· Group Trip –Individual Room:


It’s the same as a shared group trip, but you can have your room. If you have a bit more budget. However, I would advise getting your very own personal room as I don’t like to share rooms with unknown strangers. It’s best to have your room.

Moreover, if you can put some more money on your trip, I would advise booking your driver, with a Group Trip. That way you will save the hassle of traveling in the hot sun, in minibuses. Since in group trips, you must travel to Merzouga in minibuses.


Desert Travel Companies:


Morocco Travel desert companies have several packages that may help you get the best experience. Thus, they have tons of customizable options and they also offer cheap flights.

These are all the ways you can travel cheaply in Merzouga and enjoy your best tour from Marrakech to Merzouga.


Tourist Activities to enjoy on Marrakech tour to Merzouga to Fes


Fes is in the Northeastern part of Morocco and you can reach it from Marrakech tour to Merzouga to Fes. It’s the cultural capital of Morocco. Fez was home to many scholars, writers, artisans in the 20th century. There are many Tourist activities that you can enjoy in Fes. Its one of Morocco’s underrated cities when it comes to activities. Fez is slowly climbing in ranks of popularity.


Places to Visit on your holiday from Marrakech tour to Merzouga to Fes


· The Gates of Fes


Before entering the city of Fes, you may enter the gates. The gates have significant importance to the city. The gates have guarded the city against enemies in the last decade or so.  Beautiful stones, shimmering with blue and white combinations makes it look attractive.


· The Fez Medina


Fez Medina is the medieval Centre in the city of Fez. It has not changed in centuries. It has all the customs and traditions of local Morocco Culture. Even Ancient practices are still celebrated here. You can find narrow streets, a moist atmosphere and people of many cultures here. Besides that, you will also find skilled artisans, scholars and even gourmets here. You can even shop here for souvenirs. Always remember to check your bags, since there are many pick-pocketers here. You can also find a local cook, in the city, and learn how to cook popular style Moroccan foods.


· Jewish Quarter


Mellah was home to Jews in the 16th century. When the sultan permitted them to live. It was a place of wealth among many Jews. There are also several Jewish statues that you may find. It’s a place full of Jewish history and architecture.


· Jardin Jnan Sbil


Jardin Jnan Sbil translates to escape garden. It’s one of the most beautiful gardens that you may find in the city of Fes. The garden compromises of beautiful palm trees, citrus, and home to eucalyptus trees. There are also many fountains along the way. If you like coffee and tea, you may find tons of cafés at the entrance of the Garden.


· The Royal Palace


The royal palace has the utmost significance to the city. It has gates made of brass and gold and is covering up by citrus trees. Most of the time, the palace is close. If your lucky and find that the palace is open, then you may see the beautiful interior made with cedar woods and zellige tilework.


· The Tanners Quarter


A must visit place on Marrakech tour to Merzouga to Fes. This is home to many people, who dye their skins of different colors. You will see people with the colors of pink, blue and even yellow. The atmosphere reeks of urine, so beware before going to the low-class of the city.


· Borj Nords Arm Museum


Borj Nord was establish in 1582 by Sultan Ahmed so he can look on the disloyal population of the city.It was establish before the Portuguese attack the city. In 2016, it has been converted into a museum and now consists of many old artifacts such as Arabic Daggers and rugs from the 16th century. You may also look at the city, from the fort. It has an incredible view of the old city of Fes.


An Incredible Experience in the desert